Services Provided

If you have a legal problem in a civil matter in Santa Clara County, but cannot afford a private attorney, we might be able to help. We take or assist with cases in family law, consumer law, and federal litigation.

    Some of the services we can provide include:
  • Family Law Clinics – Divorce, Paternity Issues, Domestic Violence, Custody Matters
  • Lawyers in the Library
  • Virtual Lawyers in the Library
  • Limited Scope & Full Representation
  • Debtors’ Rights Clinics
  • General Administrative Support – Client Intake, Translation, Form Completion

If you need assistance with representation in any of these matters, contact us or complete the Services Request Form.

If you just want to talk to a volunteer attorney to get some legal advice, you can sign up to attend one of our Lawyers in the Library sessions.

Making a Difference

“Daniel’s” car was towed by police, and because he could not pay the fine, he left the car in police custody. A year later, a collection agency harassed Daniel about his outstanding fines, and he learned that his car has been sold. Now, Daniel needs representation because he is being sued for nearly $1,500.

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