Federal Legal Assistance Self-Help

 280 South 1st Street, 2nd Floor, Room 2070
San Jose, CA 95113

Phone: (408) 998-5298 ext.311

 Office Hours: Mon.-Wed., 9:30am – 4 pm

Are you already representing yourself, responding to a civil case or considering filing a non-prisoner civil case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose division?

Do youneed legal advice?  If so, you may speak with a lawyer at the Federal Legal Assistance Self-Help (FLASH) Center.  There is no fee for this service.

The FLASH lawyer provides limited assistance, as follows:

  • Information to help you understand the federal court process and procedures you need to follow;
  • Help determine where your case should be filed;
  • Explain court orders, motions and other paperwork;
  • Answer procedural questions; and
  • Refer you to legal, social, and government services.

Limited help is provided by appointment, and walk-ins, when available. To make an appointment, either sign up at the Center, located on the 2nd floor of the federal courthouse, or call (408) 297-1480, Monday through Wednesday.

If you do not speak English or have difficulty with English, please bring someone to your appointment who can translate for you. We cannot provide a translator.

If you seek help from FLASH, you will still represent yourself.  The FLASH lawyer provides limited legal advice and cannot be your lawyer.  FLASH can help only with non-prisoner civil cases – we cannot answer bankruptcy, habeas, prisoner, appeals, state court, or criminal questions.

If your civil case is handled by the San Francisco or Oakland federal courts, or it is a prisoner civil rights case, then please call the San Francisco Help Desk at (415) 782-9000 extension 8657.

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