Current Needs

Beside financial support and volunteers, the Pro Bono Project needs some items and services you may have and be willing to donate.

In-Kind Donations

Meeting space for our training, clinics, and Lawyers in the Library.

We need donated space that will accommodate a waiting area for 10 and individual conference area for 3 to 4 private conversations. We hold the meetings usually in the evenings in San Jose area.

For our training events we need space usually on Friday afternoons that will accommodate from 20 to 50 people.

We also need:

  • Printing services for our training materials, brochures, and newsletters
  • Graphic design for our materials
  • Functioning computers with Windows XP Pro or later with a valid license
  • Functioning computer monitors
  • Color laser printer
  • Teleconferencing equipment
  • Video Conferencing equipment

Because we are a fully qualified 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law and IRS regulations.


Financial support is important to keeping the organization running. Monetary donations can be sent directly to the Pro Bono Project Offices at:
25 N. 14th Street, Suite 506, San Jose, CA, 95112

Making a Difference

“Howard” cut his right thumb on the job, and required surgery the same day. Since then, he has required two more surgeries and still requires rehabilitation therapy. Howard is unable to work because of his injury, and his employer has no insurance to cover his medical costs. His medical bills are more than $10,000, and have been referred to a collection agency.