Mentoring & Supervision


We need experienced attorneys who can be mentors.

As an experienced practitioner, you know the difference you have made in the lives of your clients and what it takes to litigate cases successfully. You have learned what makes the difference between a successful and a disappointing outcome for your clients.
Mentoring is a key component in support provided to new attorneys taking cases through the Pro Bono Project. To make attorneys comfortable taking cases in subject or procedural matters in which they have limited experience, the Pro Bono Project provides mentors to help the attorneys gain experience. Mentors are helpful in framing the issues, developing strategy or suggesting tips or techniques to help the attorney through a case.

Pass on the reward of the practice of law to our growing crop of young volunteer attorneys. Contact us today about becoming a mentor attorney.



The Project provides supervision in family law cases for those who feel that mentoring is not quite enough support. Supervisors will review paperwork, calendars, etc. to help the attorney learn the substantive area.

Our office volunteers are offered hands-on in-service training.

Making a Difference

“Daniel’s” car was towed by police, and because he could not pay the fine, he left the car in police custody. A year later, a collection agency harassed Daniel about his outstanding fines, and he learned that his car has been sold. Now, Daniel needs representation because he is being sued for nearly $1,500.