Family Law Services

The Pro Bono Project has been providing family law services since its inception. We provide services in domestic violence, dissolution, separation, and parentage actions. The actions may involve custody, visitation, and child support. Services can include advice, referral to other resources, preparation of documents, help with filing, coaching on self representation, negotiation and settlement, limited scope representation, and full legal representation.

The Pro Bono Project can provide services through the following means: Family Law Clinics, Limited Scope or Full Representation, Guardianship Project, and Family Court Settlement Project.

The Family Law Clinic

The Family Law Clinic provides intake, holds pro per clinics, completes form and provides limited representation by our volunteers. We can provide legal advice on family issues, as well as referrals to local agencies that can help you.

Limited Scope or Full Representation

Some of the areas that we can provide limited scope or full representation include:

We can help you file for a default divorce, or provide representation for a complex case that includes child custody, visitation rights, and child support.

The Pro Bono Project has a special Parentage Project. If the Department of Child Support Services has filed a parentage and support action against a person who is indigent, the project may provide services to include in court representation.

Domestic Violence
Pro Bono Project, through its DVLSR project, provides representation in Domestic Violence Restraining order hearings. The hearings will make a determination on domestic violence and grant restraining orders if appropriate. The court can adjudicate temporary custody, visitation and support.

If you need assistance with representation in any of these matters, contact us or complete the Services Request Form.

Family Court Settlement Project

The Pro Bono Project, in partnership with Family Court has developed a pilot project designed to provide self-represented parties legal assistance with settlement on the day of court. Each party is provided an attorney to consult with followed by a 4-way discussion between the parties and their respective counsel in an effort to resolve the parenting issues on calendar for that day.

The process is based on the collaborative model, thus the attorneys take a non-adversarial approach and the discussions are interest based and facilitated by the attorneys rather than a more traditional adversarial negotiation.

Making a Difference

“Howard” cut his right thumb on the job, and required surgery the same day. Since then, he has required two more surgeries and still requires rehabilitation therapy. Howard is unable to work because of his injury, and his employer has no insurance to cover his medical costs. His medical bills are more than $10,000, and have been referred to a collection agency.

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