Make a Rewarding Investment in Silicon Valley.

While approximately 90% of our services to clients are provided by volunteers, we need to maintain staff to recruit, supervise, train, mentor and coordinate the volunteers. To do that we need donations and financial support.

You and your firm or business can help:

  • Make a donation of any size.
  • Sponsor our annual volunteer events.
  • Donate equipment and services to support our work.
  • Designate the Pro Bono Project as the recipient of a cy pres award.

Make an unrestricted donation to the Pro Bono Project.

Checks should be made out to “Pro Bono Project Silicon Valley” and mailed to:
Pro Bono Project Silicon Valley,
25 N. 14th Street, Suite 506
San Jose, CA 95112

Did you know…
You can give to the Pro Bono Project through United Way Combined Federal Campaign or California State Employees Charitable Campaign payroll deductions or annual contributions! Simply fill in the Pro Bono Project’s name in the agency designation spot on your pledge form. If your company or firm does not have a United Way program in place, please talk with your Human Resources Director about starting one.

Designate the Pro Bono Project as the recipient of a cy pres award.

In a class action unclaimed funds may exist, or a defendant’s conduct may have made restitution to those harmed impossible. Courts have often found the “next best use” is to direct the funds to an appropriate organization. Courts usually rely upon the parties to determine which organizations would be appropriate.

The Pro Bono Project will often be a great choice. Our volunteer attorneys make the courts and the protection of the laws accessible to the most vulnerable members of our community. We accept cases in all areas of civil law. For information contact Sandra Madrigal at (408-998-5298).

Who supports the Pro Bono Project?

We receive financial contributions from generous individuals and organizations.


Current Needs

Beside financial support and volunteers, the Pro Bono Project needs some items and services you may have and be willing to donate.

In-Kind Donations

Meeting space for our training, clinics, and Lawyers in the Library.

We need donated space that will accommodate a waiting area for 10 and individual conference area for 3 to 4 private conversations. We hold the meetings usually in the evenings in San Jose area.

For our training events we need space usually on Friday afternoons that will accommodate from 20 to 50 people.

“Mentoring volunteer attorneys and certified law students is a great experience. The energy and commitment they put into every case inspires me as well.”

Julie Saffren, Pro Bono Project Mentor Attorney

Following her divorce, “Elizabeth” came to the Pro Bono Project for help enforcing the joint custody and visitation arrangements for her 10-year-old son, when her ex-husband sought to change the terms of their agreement.

Pro Bono Project

“I cannot imagine a situation where it is more important for both sides to be represented than one like this. [We] got an agreement that really will help improve things for all involved, particularly the children.”

John Wehrli, Volunteer Attorney Latham & Watkins LLP

“I was very impressed with the support that was offered, as well as services to clients.”

Kathryn Schlepphorst, Schlepphorst and Emede, P.C.