Dedicated to representing clients of limited means and improving their access to justice.

We focus on limited scope pro bono cases in family law, domestic violence, and consumer law.
To apply for services, please call (408) 998-5298.

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“I am very thankful to you for providing an experienced attorney with such expertise, knowledge, and integrity.Please continue to recommend high quality lawyers to others as you have done for me.”

Client, Pro Bono Project

“Mentoring volunteer attorneys and certified law students is a great experience. The energy and commitment they put into every case inspires me as well.”

Julie Saffren, Pro Bono Project Mentor Attorney

“What really keeps us going is seeing lives change for the better.”

Leonard Cravens, Pro Bono Project Volunteer Attorney

“Many clients and other agencies say that the Pro Bono Project is the clients’ “last chance for any legal assistance.”

Philip Pennypacker, One of the Founders, Pro Bono Project

“I was very impressed with the support that was offered, as well as services to clients.”

Kathryn Schlepphorst, Schlepphorst and Emede, P.C.